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Added Bullets

After so many request by the team, I’ve finally replaced the green spheres that use to be our projectile, with a bullet mesh. Although i am currently having some trouble rotating the bullet.

One odd thing though is now that I have changed the way the bullet is being projected, the AI to bullet collision is working. Well I should say kind of working, because I don’t know how Ray coded the response for that collision detection. From what I can tell when the enemy gets shot about 3-5 times they stop animating and run off of the map.

I also added in cursor clipping and hiding into the game. So that way when the game starts it will keep the cursor from going outside the client rectangle. Meaning no more accidentally clicking outside on a window outside the game when moving the camera around. I’m also thinking about disabling this for when the in-game menu is displayed.

I stayed up all night Thursday working on getting the gun to rotate better with the camera and to get the flashlight (shadow map) to rotate with the camera as well. It’s starting to look a lot more like game.

For optimizing the flashlight I plan to work the shadow map into the Deferred shader instead of having it render separately. Since I already have a depth map for the SSAO I’m hoping I can just reuse that depth map and offset it a bit for the flashlight.

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