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Junior Project Coming To a Close

After tweaking the lighting and shadow map variables I went around helping clean up any code that was crashing the game. We had some issues with Enemies being outside the map and A* blowing up, because it couldn’t find any starting node for the Enemy outside of the map. By the end of last night we had a pretty stable build working. There where no crashes that we had come across but we did later discover that among the code fixes some how the Enemies Y-axis calculation got thrown off. So when a large group ran too you their BV’s would push them above and under each other to get to you. After it was polished well enough to demo, we quit changing the code and we demoed it in class.

Considering how busy the team was during the final weeks of this project, I was unable to update this website as frequently as the team website.  So if you would like to see a breakdown of about three post a week, you can check out My Progress Report on the team website.  It has my regularly updated progress logs throughout the entire project.

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